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Lonestar by Hayley Marsten

Recorded at Love HZ Studios with producer Matt Fell (who has worked with just about every country music artist in Australia), is due for release Friday the 9th of June. ‘Lonestar’ contains six singles. The EP are described a minimal arrangements which allow Hayley’s voice to shine through.

As an only child born to parent who are both Accountant with a strong interest in collecting music. Hayley says her childhood was filled with listening to records, making up dances and forces family friends to watch the shows! Writing songs was the next step, a skill which, became her favourite hobby.

The current single “Until You” is a stirring love song done Marsden’s way:

‘I’ve never been someone who writes a lot of love songs because I felt every time I tried it wasn’t my voice, the lovey-dovey romantic stuff just doesn’t seem real coming from me. ‘Until You’ tells a love story through the eyes of a sceptical, not-committal twenty-something, it’s very reminiscent of  my University days in the big city on my own for the first time, it just needs mention of cheesy bread to be 100% factually accurate’.


Official Hayley Marsten webpage here


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