Introducing: Ashley McBryde

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Ashley McBryde

Love a story of someone successfully making their way in country music by doing what they love and not bending to the ‘trend’ or ‘expectations’.

Ashley McBryde is exactly where they said she’d never be: working as an independent singer/songwriter in Nashville. Opening for Chris Stapleton and Eric Church, recently making her Grand Ole Opry debut, and releasing music when and where she wants to.

Rolling Stone’s have named her as “Artists You Need To Know,” citing she’s “an Arkansas red-clay badass, with the swagger of Hank Jr. and the songwriting of Miranda Lambert,” McBryde lays it all on the line, and it’s that honest approach that has led to Nashville critics dubbing her the next big thing since Chris Stapleton.

Her drive led The Grand Ole Opry to invite McBryde to make her Opry debut. Clad in a vintage Johnny Cash t-shirt she launched into “Dive Bar”. When her band exited and she asked the crowd who was having their first experience at the Opry. When the crowd warmly responded, McBryde added, “well don’t be nervous, you’re doing great.” Not batting an eye lid she just adjusted the capo on the neck of her Gibson and launched into a story about the inspiration behind her second selection, a song she specifically wrote for this moment, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere.”


“I was in high school and a teacher of mine asked what I wanted to do when I grew up,” shares the Mammoth Spring, Arkansas native. “I said I want to move to Nashville and write songs and sing them.” Her teacher responded with an abrupt, “that’s stupid.” McBryde continues, “She said I better have a really good back-up plan.” And with that, she stood in the spotlight within the circle and began, “Don’t waste your life, behind that guitar / you may get gone, but you won’t get far.”

Ashley McBryde is set to finish off summer with a packed schedule of festival performances across the country before joining Eric Church and The Brothers Osborne on the road for select dates in September.


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