Adam Brand and the Outlaws

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Adam Brand and the Outlaws - Adam Brand and the Outlaws

Adam Brand and the Outlaws

Last night, we went and watched six artists (including the drummer), thoroughly entertain their audience and looked like they had a great time doing it. Last night, we saw Adam Brand and the Outlaws.

Adam Brand said last night, he wanted to help his mates in the industry by using his name and I suppose fame to get the crowds out to shows and shed some spotlight onto his talented mates! In saying that it was a great way to meet the four other band members, and I was really impressed! The dynamic of the boys was great and the music was better. Adam Brand and the Outlaws are on tour until the middle of March touring Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales. Check out our event page to find a gig near you.

So here is the wrap up!

Drew McAlister - Black SkyDrew McAlister

Formally from McAlister Kemp, was the first to be introduced, after having great success in the duo, McAlister has stepped out as a solo artist. Adam Brand, made jokes about Drew’s height (6 foot 4, for those interested) and gave credit where due. Drew then sang his current single “Black Sky”. I could not get over how smooth his voice was, a little deep, but someone you would be happy to listen to all day long!

Matt Cornell

Matt Cornell - Matt Cornell

Matt has spent a fair bit of his musical career a band member to a few artists including Shannon Noll and Adam Brand. In September, 2014, Matt released his self titled solo album with singles “Outta This Town” and “Give It To Me”. Adam and fellow band members taunted Matt about this up and coming single (due to be released in a few weeks) where the video clip was filmed in Texas, USA.


Mike CarrBuddy Goode

Now, Mike Carr, if you haven’t heard of him, has been in the country music industry for over 10 years writing and co-writing songs including hit singles for Adam Brand (The ANZAC, New England Highway and Get Loud), Melinda Schneider (Real People)   and McAlister Kemp (It Don’t Buy You Love). I also learnt last night (because apparently I have been living under a rock), Mike Carr is Buddy Goode – a 2x ARIA for winning comedy album.

Travis CollinsTravis Collins - WIred

Travis Collins for me, was a stand out for the night! Loved his cheeky personality, guitar playing and really seemed to be enjoying the night with his mates and the just as importantly the audience! Travis  released his latest album Wired 12 months ago, then with his second single “Curves” went 11 weeks at number one on the national airplay chart! Travis is also nominated for three awards in the upcoming CMC Awards including Male OZ Artist of the Year, Oz Artist of the Year and Australian Video of the year.


Here is some of my own video footage from the night, further below is the video from there current single

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